The company holds mineral and prospecting rights to an impressive portfolio comprising two flagship projects with a total mineral resource of more than 24.0 million high-grade ounces.

Evander, South Africa

The Evander Project is located within the world-renowned Witwatersrand Basin, which has delivered more than a third of all the gold produced by mankind. The project is located approximately 120km east-south-east of Johannesburg.
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Evander gold mine [image]

Jeanette, South Africa

The Jeanette Project, originally established as a mining venture by Anglo American Corporation, is situated in the Free State province of South Africa, an area that has produced approximately 17% of total South African production.
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Jeanette gold mine [image]

Indonesia project

Taung’s interests in Indonesia arise from the company’s acquisition of Minex which owns a 95% interest in PT Bolmong Timur Primanusa Resources (“PT BTPR”) and which will acquire 75% of each of PT Bulawan Boltim Primas (“PT BBP”) and PT Kotabunan Emas Prima (“PT KEP”) upon approval of foreign ownership thereof.
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Indonesia [image]